Veneto Green Cluster is an Innovative Regional Network that aggregates companies and Research Institutions in the field of waste enhancement, involving industrial sectors oriented to the supply of environmental goods and services (green business) and companies committed to reducing the environmental impact of their own production processes and their own products (green production).The objective of Veneto Green Cluster is the creation of a network system capable of managing and capitalizing all the various phases of research and experimentation aimed at recovering waste.

The Veneto Green Cluster Innovative Regional Network has been recognized by the Veneto Region with DGR n. 54 of 01/27/2017, and is represented by Green Tech Italy - business network.


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Our approach to Circular Economy focuses on several waste recovery projects, in order to develop the use of steel process by-products in different...

Using recycled plastic for the production of asphalt is the goal of the project financed by the Veneto Region promoted by the Veneto Green Cluster...